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Let the Westcare Urgent Care in Tumwater keep you free from the flu

It’s the time of year that you dread rolling around. Sure, the snow is pretty and it’s nice to see the leaves turn colors, but you know what the cold weather really means. Flu season. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, and it’s potentially deadly. If you want to avoid the flu this year, follow these tips from the Westcare Clinic’s urgent care in Tumwater.

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What exactly is the flu?

Before we discuss this any further, we need to clarify some things. Many people use the term “stomach flu” to describe illness. There’s no such thing. When you get nauseous and spend days at a time vomiting and with violent diarrhea? That’s not the flu; it’s probably norovirus.

Influenza, or “the flu”, is a respiratory condition. Think the common cold, but much worse. The flu can come on very suddenly, as in one minute you’re fine, and the next you can’t even stand up. The symptoms of influenza blow away anything that the cold can throw at you. You get muscle aches that weaken you to such an extent that you don’t feel like doing anything. Your temperature rises dramatically, and it can stay that way for days. Unlike a cold, the flu can kill you.

Ways to avoid the flu

With as bad as the flu can be, you need to take precautions to keep from getting it. The flu is spread through the air. If a coworker or fellow student coughs or sneezes, you can get infected almost immediately. With the stakes as high as they are, you have to be as vigilant as possible. Consider a few useful ideas:

  • Stay Home if You’re Sick: It’s not just the right thing to do for the sake of others, but also for yourself. If you’re sick with something mild, such as a cold, your entire system is all the more compromised. This makes it easier for a more dangerous infection to make its way into your body.
  • The Barrier Method: It’s long been a custom in Asian countries to wear a surgical mask if you’re sick, or to protect against inhaling germs from other people. It might not look very pretty, but it’s effective. In the end, would you rather look normal for a day and be sick, or get a few stares on your way to work and stay healthy for the winter?
  • Drink More Water: You hear of water as a solution for everything, and there’s a reason for that. You can think of your body as a hydraulic machine. You need water to power your muscles and for virtually any other body process, including the actions of your immune system.

Flu Shots from the Urgent Care Clinic

The Flu Shot

We know you don’t like getting shots. It hurts. It’s annoying. We’ve heard all of the excuses. But, do you know what? The flu vaccine works. It’s one of the biggest reasons why more people survive the winter season every year. You can get the flu shot in a lot of different places. It’s available at your local pharmacy, your physician’s office, and elsewhere.

Annual Shots

You need to get the shot every year. Yes, every single year. The flu virus mutates over time, and the strain from one year is resistant to the vaccines from the previous year. Each shot is only good for a single flu season.

At-Risk Patients:

The people who are most at risk, either to contract or pass on the flu virus, should get the vaccine. Whom does this include?

  • Pregnant Women: Multiple studies from the CDC show that there’s no additional risk of harm to the baby if the mother gets a flu shot. ON the contrary, it’s far more dangerous to the baby if its mother gets the flu. This can result in miscarriage, or even losing mother and child.
  • Young Children: A child’s immune system is still developing at an early age. If they contract the flu it’s very hard for them to fight it off. Flu vaccines are just as safe for children as they are for adults.
  • The Elderly: The elderly often have compromised immune systems. For this reason, they need extra care, including flu shots.
  • Healthcare Workers: If you work in the healthcare field, you get exposed to all sorts of pathogens on a daily basis. Not only are you at greater risk for contracting the flu, but also for passing it on. The people that you do tend to infect are those who are already sick, and thus more apt to suffer serious consequences from the flu.

It’s inexpensive:

Depending on your insurance, you might have coverage for flu shots. Even if you don’t, getting the shot is a lot less expensive than missing work or being hospitalized from sickness.

Westcare Clinic’s Urgent Care in Tumwater for flu treatment

Here at the Westcare Clinic, we’ve been in the community for decades. Our staff is filled with competent physicians and nurses who can diagnose you and provide suitable care. We’ve seen many cases of the flu and know what to do whenever we come across it. We have an accurate flu test to diagnose both type A and type B flu. If you have symptoms of the flu, such as aches, fever, and nausea, don’t leave it to chance, come on into the urgent care clinic in Tumwater to get seen right away.

We’re open extended hours to serve you when you come down with something unexpectedly. We treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve and expect. Our professionals explain everything to you in layman’s terms so you get a clearer picture of what’s going on and what you can do about it. We take multiple insurance plans. Make sure to call us and see if we accept yours. Our rates are very reasonable. There’s no need to suffer or risk the health of you and your family. If you need help with the flu, come on into the Westcare Clinic right now.



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