How to Prepare for the Walk-In Clinic

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Getting ready to visit the walk-in clinic

Nobody wants to get sick or hurt. At best it’s a minor inconvenience, and at worst it’s a major debility. Sometimes your best option for care is a walk-in clinic. Find out what you can do to make your trip faster and more convenient.

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What exactly is the walk-in clinic?

When you need care you normally schedule time to see your primary care provider, usually your “family doctor.” If you wake up sick after going to bed fine, you might find that your physician doesn’t have any open appointments for the day. If you need to see a doctor but can’t get in with your normal provider, you call the walk-in clinic.

Many family practices close down on the weekends. A good urgent care walk-in clinic is open seven days a week and can see you when no one else is available. The physicians there can give you basic treatment and prescribe antibiotics and other medications. They’re also equipped for treating minor burns and injuries. Please note that urgent care is not the same as an emergency room. If you’ve been in a car accident, have a broken bone, are having a heart attack or face other serious conditions, do not go to a walk-in clinic. You need emergency care.

Common walk-in clinic visits

Beside emergency care, most anything else is suitable for treatment at a walk-in clinic. Do you have a soar throat or fever? The clinic can get you the prescription to care for it. If you’ve recently had an epileptic seizure and can get someone to drive you in, the physicians there can evaluate you to make sure that everything is alright.

A good rule of thumb for household accidents whre you cut yourself is to see whether the the wound is oozing or spurting blood. Spurts indicate an arterial cut, which is much more urgent and requires immediate care. Go to the ER if you’ve cut an artery, but a walk-in urgent care if it’s an open wound that’s not bleeding profusely.
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What to do before your walk-in clinic visit

Despite the name, it’s best for you to call ahead before walking in. This gives the staff time to set up your visit. Be sure to come in as soon as possible. The quicker you come in, the sooner you can get seen and the more time you have to fill out any paperwork.

If you don’t normally keep your insurance card handy, put it in your wallet or purse so that the receptionist can make any copies that they need. The nurses and doctors at the clinic can only provide optimal care when they have a complete picture of your health. If you aren’t sure about which conditions you currently have, your family history and your allergies to medications, take the time to track this down.

Many primary care physicians maintain online healthcare portals where you can access your patient history. Use your phone to take screenshots and bring them in with you. You can share this information with the staff at the clinic. This is especially important when you’re getting seen at a time when your primary physician’s office is closed.

If you have any special needs, make sure to alert the staff before you come in. This includes the need for a translator, special access or accommodation for physical disabilities and more. The receptionists and care providers at a quality walk-in clinic are more than happy to make sure that you get any necessary attention. Early notification allows them to set anything up before you arrive.

If you’re the caretaker

Sometimes the patient is not able to care for their own needs. Whether it’s your minor child or a friend or family member who has diminished capacity, there are many reasons for you to have to take someone who can’t speak for themselves into the walk-in clinic. In this case you need to bring your own ID with you, in addition to that of the patient. It’s also a good idea to bring other necessary paperwork, such as power of attorney or proof of guardianship.

Trust the Westcare walk-in clinic for your healthcare needs

When you need to get seen in the Olympia area, the Westcare clinic is the place to go. We’ve been in the area since 1981, and in that time we’ve worked to build bridges in the community. Unlike some other places, we’re open every day, and you can come in late. Our staff is filled with educated, trained and licensed professionals. Every nurse and doctor has the experience they need to give you their best standard of treatment.

The Westcare Clinic provides care to people of all ethnic, economic and social backgrounds. It’s a welcoming place where you can seek confidential and compassionate treatment. We respect the law and your right to privacy and dignity.

We understand how important it is for you to take care of your body. Whether you’re a single person or someone who supports a family, it’s important that you keep yourself working at your peak level of performance. Don’t leave your care to just anyone. Come to the walk-in clinic that’s dedicated to your well-being. Call Westcare right now and start feeling better as soon as possible.



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