What Services Does Westcare Urgent Care in Lacey Offer?

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What You Can Get Done at the Westcare Urgent Care in Lacey

When you’re not feeling well, it can ruin your entire day. You need to feel better, right now. So where do you go to get fixed up? If you’re in the Olympia area, the Westcare Clinic’s urgent care in Lacey can help you take care of many conditions and injuries. Just what exactly can you get done at the urgent care, though?

Urgent Care Lacey WA

Small and simple fixes

In general, the urgent care clinic can take care of anything that you go to see your general practitioner about. We’re designed as a supplement, rather than to replace your GP. Your regular family doctor knows you better than anyone, and they’re the person you want to go to for long-term regular care. The best thing about urgent care is that we’re open longer hours than family practice, and on the days when your regular doctor is closed. Additionally, you can get seen at urgent care on the same day, while your regular doctor might already be booked up.

Minor treatments

Among the more common and less serious issues that we treat are the following:

  • Minor Cuts and Burns: When you have an accident, such as cutting your hand with a knife or burning it on a stove.
  • Sprains and Strains: If you overdid it at the gym or during your morning run, come on in to get patched up.
  • Asthma and Allergies: Non-life-threatening conditions are our specialty. This includes breathing issues caused by irritants or a medical condition.
  • Contact Dermatitis and Rashes Do you have an embarrassing or painful skin condition? We can cover it up and apply soothing treatments.
  • UTIs and Other Infections: Whether it’s caused by something in your bladder or contamination of a surface wound, we’re capable of treating your issue.
  • Cold and Nausea: Seasonal illnesses got you down? We’ll get you feeling better as soon as possible.

Specialized Services

Besides illnesses and injuries, we can take care of other problems. Such as:

  • X-rays: Whether it’s to scan for injuries or to look for other problems, our X-ray imaging techs can get a clear picture of your insides.
  • Immunizations: Do you need to be immunized before you travel to a different region of the world? We offer most vaccines on site.
  • Work or School Examinations Some programs, such as school athletics or strenuous or hazardous jobs, require a certain level of physical fitness. The exams we conduct conform to the standards of workplace safety and athletics organizations.
  • Workplace Injuries Getting injured on the job can be an extreme hassle. Not only do you deal with the pain, but lots of paperwork. We can take care of some of the hoops that you have to jump through to get care and to be fit to return to work.

Caring for bigger issues

The urgent care is a step above a family clinic in what they can fix. If your injury is beyond the scope of what a family doctor takes care of, report to urgent care for treatment.

Major urgent care services

Here is a list of our non-emergency major services:

  • Fractures: We can set your broken bones and place them in a cast. For continuing care based on this type of injury, see your personal doctor.
  • Open Wounds, Lacerations: If you’re cut and bleeding freely, we’ll patch you up. We can also give you antibiotics to prevent infections from developing.
  • Seizures: Nothing’s scarier than seeing a loved one go through a seizure. When this happens you can bring them into urgent care for post-seizure monitoring.
  • STDs: Lifestyle-related illnesses can rear their head at inopportune times. If you have or suspect that you have an STD, seek treatment at urgent care.
  • High Blood Pressure: In addition to nausea, dehydration and other potentially serious conditions, we treat it all. We monitor your symptoms, provide appropriate medication, and leave you with a place to rest for a while to recover.
  • Flu, Sore Throat or Earache: If you are concerned about the cold or flu-like symptoms and you are experiencing, come on down and let us figure out the best way to help you feel better.

When to go somewhere else

As much as we’d like to be able to say that we can take care of everything, it’s just not true. Here are a few conditions for which you should seek treatment at the ER instead:

  • Arterial Cuts: If you have an uncontrollable bleed, you need immediate help. While the urgent care can see you quickly, the ER has hospital admitting privileges and surgical options available.
  • Car Accidents: Even if you feel completely fine after an accident if it was more than a fender bender it’s a good idea to get evaluated at the hospital.
  • Life or Death: If your condition is immediately life-threatening, you should go to the ER.
  • Unconsciousness: If you are with someone who becomes unconscious, call 911 immediately or get them to the ER.

The Westcare Clinic’s superior service

Lacey WA Urgent Care Physicians
We’ve been in the area for four decades. In that time we’ve seen it all, from skinned knees to compound fractures. At the Westcare Urgent care in Lacey, we staff only qualified physicians and Cnurses. They’re all extensively trained and have years of experience behind them. We treat you with dignity and the seriousness that you deserve, no matter how severe your problem. Besides the care team, we employ the best administrators and receptionists. We get you processed as soon as possible and make sure that your records get to wherever you need them to be.

We’re open late to help take care of your nighttime injuries. The rates are affordable, and we take various insurance plans to make it even easier for you. In fact, we don’t turn anyone away if they don’t have insurance. You’ll get the care that you need when you need it. Don’t leave your health or that of your family in just anyone’s hands. We’ll see you as soon as possible when you come in, far faster than a traditional GP. You can call ahead to let us know what you need for even more convenient and fast care. Come on into the Westcare Clinic whenever you need medical attention. Rest assured that you’re in the best hands possible when our doctors see you.



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