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L&I Workers Comp Doctors Lacey WA

Workers Compensation Doctors in Lacey WA

L&I Workers Comp Doctors: Over 30 Years Serving Residents of Lacey, Washington

As an attending L&I urgent care clinic, our workers’ comp doctors are available any day of the week to care for Washington workers for through the Department of Labor & Industries.

Westcare Clinic offers high-quality, affordable treatment for injuries and illnesses covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Our L&I approved medical doctors specialize in employment injuries with the goal of getting you back to work as soon as possible.

For these types of visits, we ask that you give our walk-in clinic a call and let us know that your care will be covered by your employer’s workers compensation insurance.

What work injuries and conditions do our workers comp doctors treat?:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Strains and Sprains

  • Neck Pain
  • Lacerations
  • Burns

  • Fume Exposure
  • Punctures


What do I Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Washington State?

L&I Workers Comp Doctors Serving Lacey Washington
Most employers operating in the State of Washington carry no-fault workers’ compensation coverage through the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I).

Benefits for workers who are injured or who develop a work-related condition are covered by L&I insurance and can receive benefits including medical treatment by an L&I physician.

Employees who are not able to work after suffering an occupational injury or illness can ask to be compensated for lost wages through this program.

L&I helps Washington workers coordinate a safe and timely return to gainful employment.

If an employer is self‑insured, worker rights and benefit entitlements don’t change. Third Party Administrators (Sedgwick, Everle Vivian, etc.) manage self-insured claims. Your employer should give you the appropriate paperwork to bring in to begin your self-insured claim. Westcare is very familiar with the self-insured process – we are happy to help!


L&I Physicians Help You Return to Work Sooner

Our urgent care clinic’s L&I doctors provide immediate and long-term care for Lacey workers suffering from a work-related injury or illness. Our partnership with Washington State’s Department of Labor & Industries means you get prioritized care so you can get back to work as soon as possible and avoid disability.

The Washington State Department of L&I provides Westcare Clinic L&I physicians with many resources so that we may assist you with filing workers’ compensation claims and ensure that your care is managed efficiently.


Insufficient or delayed medical treatment is common when patients seek treatment from a non-L&I preferred provider. Westcare’s Physicians are approved Providers for L&I. We can open your claim and manage the entire process, getting you back to work as soon as possible.



Time-Loss Compensation

Washington State has many programs designed to assist workers who are encountering hardship due to a work incident.

In fact, L&I can connect you with time-loss compensation programs and jobs that don’t involve movements that you may not be able to perform.


Are you a Lacey, Washington employer looking for an attending L&I healthcare provider?

Washington State businesses who are self-insured or have L&I need to complete an accident report form in order for your employee to receive medical care.

Employers may consider offering a light-duty job to their injured worker until they establish a treatment plan with an approved doctor.

This helps keep claim costs low for employers as L&I will pay 50% of the employee’s wage and certain other costs for the duration of treatment.


Westcare Clinic near Lacey, Washington is an attending workers’ comp doctor. Call today.