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L&I Workers Comp Doctors Olympia

Workers Compensation Doctors in Olymipa WA

Our L&I Workers Comp Doctors Have Served Olympia, Washington for Over 37 Years

Westcare Clinic is an attending L&I urgent care provider with workers’ comp doctors available 7 days a week to treat injuries for employees in the state of Washington through the Department of Labor & Industries.

We ensure that when you seek treatment for a work-related illness or injury, that the costs of your claim will remain affordable.

Our workers’ compensation medical providers specialize in worker injuries and are focused on getting you back to work as quickly as possible.

Be sure to give us a call beforehand. Examinations are available for our walk-in patients.

Job-related conditions our workers’ compensation doctors treat include:

  • Strains and Sprains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Low Back Pain

  • Neck Pain
  • Burns
  • Lacerations

  • Puncture Wounds
  • Fume Exposure


How Does L&I Workers’ Compensation Insurance Work?

L&I Workers Comp Doctors Serving Olympia
The Washington Department of Labor & Industries offers no-fault workers’ compensation coverage for most employers in the state.

Benefits for workers who are injured or who develop a work-related condition are covered by L&I insurance and can receive benefits including medical treatment by an attending physician.

If a worker is unable to work due to an industrial injury or occupational disease, they may be able to receive certain wage replacement benefits through this program.

L&I helps Washington workers coordinate a safe and timely return to gainful employment.

If an employer is self‑insured, worker rights and benefit entitlements don’t change. Third Party Administrators (Sedgwick, Everle Vivian, etc.) manage self-insured claims. Your employer should give you the appropriate paperwork to bring in to begin your self-insured claim. Westcare is very familiar with the self-insured process and we are happy to help!


Can I Choose My Own Workers’ Comp Doctor?

Westcare Clinic physicians are considered “attending physicians” in the L&I insurance network, which means if you’ve been injured or become ill from work, and your claim is accepted, we can treat you and your care will be covered.


Labor and Industry Attending Medical Providers Help You Avoid Disability

Our workers’ comp physicians ensure that you receive the right care for the entire duration of your injury or illness. Our partnership with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries means our patients return to work sooner and avoid long-term disability.

Inappropriate or delayed medical care is common when patients seek treatment from a non-L&I preferred provider.

Westcare Clinic L&I physicians assist you with opening your workers’ compensation claim, ensuring that your care is managed efficiently. Our doctors use best practices and utilize the many resources that Washington’s Department of L&I has available.


Westcare Clinic’s Work Injury Doctors Help you Return to Paid Employment

Missing work because of an injury can have far-reaching consequences. But the State of Washington has programs in place to help workers avoid occupational illness or injury-related hardships.

Partnering with an L&I doctor for ongoing care means your finances don’t have to be compromised. L&I even offers time-loss compensation if your injury is severe enough that it prevents you from working.


Approved Workers Compensation Doctors for Olympia Employers

If you are an employer in the State of Washington and are self-insured or have L&I, make sure you complete the employer section of the accident report form and ensure your worker receives prompt medical attention. You may then want to consider assigning your employee to a lighter-duty job while they seek care, but only if their doctor approves it.

If approved, this benefits you by keeping claim costs low. L&I will pay 50% of your employee’s base wage and some related costs during treatment.


Westcare Clinic in Olympia, Washington treats workers comp injuries. Contact us today.