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L&I Workers Comp Doctors Shelton WA

L&I Workers Compensation Doctors Shelton WA

L&I Workers’ Comp Doctors Serving Shelton, Washington 7 Days a Week

Washington state’s workers’ compensation laws dictate that treatment for a work-related illness or injury must be provided by an attending physician in order to receive optimal coverage.

If you are being seen by a medical doctor not listed as an attending L&I physician, contact your employer as soon as possible. Westcare Clinic is an attending physician and can handle your workers’ comp claim and care until you are well enough to return to work.

Non-attending physicians may be limited in how long they can treat your condition, but Westcare Clinic is an attending provider, which means we can help you with your workers’ compensation claim and follow through with any long-term treatment.

Why Choose an Attending Provider?

Working with the approved workers’ comp doctors at Westcare Clinic means you get the best treatment possible for your work-related injury or illness. If your injury requires immediate attention, and you are seeking an alternative to the emergency room, our walk in clinic is open every day of the week.

We provide urgent care services, with no appointments necessary.
Attending providers:

  • Are Credentialed by L&I
  • Coordinate Your Treatment
  • Report Your Progress to L&I
  • Offer Short and Long-Term Care
  • Ensure Your Claim is Covered
  • Can be a Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician’s Assistant
  • Help File Your Workers’ Comp Report
  • Can Refer You to a Specialist


What are some common workers’ comp injuries and illnesses?

  • Burns
  • Low Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Lacerations
  • Neck Pain
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Punctures
  • Fume Exposure


About Workers’ Compensation Coverage

L&I Workers Comp Doctors Shelton Washington

About a third of Washington State employers carry no-fault workers’ compensation insurance through the Department of Labor & Industries.

Workers who become sick or injured as a result of their job are covered by workers’ comp insurance and will receive benefits including being seen by an attending L&I doctor.

If you seek care from your current primary care physician and they are not in the L&I network, your care may not be covered or your case may be dropped.

To ensure you get complete care for the entire duration of your injury, contact Westcare Clinic today. We help Washington employees make a safe and timely journey back to work.


Self-Insured Employers

Is your employer self‑insured? That’s ok! Worker benefit entitlements are all the same. Third Party Administrators (Everle Vivian, Sedgwick, etc.) manage self-insured claims.

Your employer should give you the appropriate paperwork to bring in to begin your self-insured claim. Westcare is very familiar with the self-insured process, and we are more than happy to help!


Get back to work sooner with care from your L&I workers’ comp doctor at Westcare Clinic. We are open 7 days a week and can see you today!


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