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Pre-Employment Exams Olympia

Affordable, Accessible Pre-Employment Physical Exams

Pre-Employment Exams in Olympia

Employers have a right to know what they are getting when hiring a new employee. We can help you screen out those people who may be a threat to your company. Westcare Clinic offers fast, accurate pre-employment exams that Olympia workers can rely on.

We can screen for drug usage as well as rule out illnesses such as tuberculosis.

Our screening and exams can be tailored to your needs. We offer multiple pre-employment exam packages so you don’t pay for more than you need. We also provide walk-in services for a variety of minor illnesses and injuries.

Pre-employment exams we offer include:

  • Drug and Alcohol (BAT) Screening
  • OSHA Audiograms
  • Pre-existing Lead and Respiratory Evaluations
  • Customized Pre-employment Exams

  • Pre-employment Physicals
  • Physical Performance Evaluations
  • Expanded and Customized Drug Testing
  • OSHA Drug Screening


Pre-employment Screening Services


Our services help employers make educated hiring decisions. We also give you a baseline for an employee’s physical wellbeing prior to employment. This can become important if a workplace injury occurs; you will have documentation of any preexisting conditions to compare to.

Westcare Clinic is open 7-days a week with no appointment necessary. Once we have services set up for your business you can send potential employees to us at any time for their pre-employment exam. We have a fast turn-around time so you can make an informed decision quickly.

Olympia WA Pre-Employment Physicals

Over 30 Years Serving Olympia

We have a reputation for high standards and excellent care. With over 37 years in Olympia, our clinic is convenient, affordable, and offers a positive environment.

Our staff and providers have the training and skill to manage all your pre-employment exam needs.

Keep your surrounding employees safe and reduce your company’s liability with the pre-employment exams Olympia trusts.


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