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Sports Physicals Lacey

About Sports Physicals

sports physical lacey
Once a year, athletes of all ages should have their sports physicals on record. Whether an athlete is participating in tee ball, 8th grade basketball, high school football, or collegiate-level track & field, sports physicals are essential. These check-ups and evaluations deem an athlete healthy and fit enough for participating in practice and competition.

Sports physicals aren’t limited to adolescent and young-adults participating in organized teams, either. These examinations are recommended for any individual of any age who is interested in training or taking up a new sport or activity. The benefit of sports physicals is having a comprehensive examination of one’s medical history, current body statistics, allergens, and other important medical information that could be life-saving in the event of an emergency during an activity.

At Westcare, our urgent care clinic, we’ve provided care to Lacey residents for over 37 years. Our walk-in clinic is open seven days a week, so you can come in any day to have your sports physical signed by one of our physicians.

What are Sports Physicals For?

Sports physicals are routine check-ups that athletes of all ages should have once a year. Before any athlete can participate in sports or other physical activities, they should first have a medical practitioner determine the athlete’s overall fitness and health condition, so they can participate safely.

Examining and keeping record of the health and physical condition of our athlete patients is our priority. Over the years, the numbers of student-athletes have increased. In proportion to the rise in sports participation, a growing number of sudden deaths have occurred during competition or practice. The purpose of sports physicals is to determine if an athlete has any disqualifying health conditions.

High School Athletes:

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Associating (WIAA), a governing body of Washington’s high school sports, requires teenage athletes to have a sports physical form signed by a physician and kept on record before they can participate on the field, court, or track.

Collegiate Athletes:

Governing bodies like the NCAA require collegiate athletes to have a sports physical as well. College athletes are not only screened for banned substances and Performance Enhancing Drugs, but they are also checked for disqualifying physical conditions.

Sports Physicals ensure an athlete’s safe participation in a sport. These evaluations save the lives of athletes every year.

What Sports Physicals Involve

Sports Physicals are quick examinations, but require key details about an individual’s medical history, allergies, and emergency information.

Tests and Evaluations

  • Heartrate, BPI, and Respiratory System
  • Height and Weight measurements
  • Vision, Hearing, and Reflexes
  • Flexibility, Posture, and Joint Movement

Medical History

Be prepared to fill out a full medical history form before the evaluation.

  • Any heart conditions one has
  • Family history of heart conditions
  • Bone, ligament, or muscle injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Other Relevant Medical Information

Emergency Information

It’s important to disclose any allergies, medications prescribed, and other conditions a patient might have. This information, in the event of an emergency, can be life saving during a practice, competition, or other activity.

If the Athlete is Cleared, He or She can Participate

sports physical lacey
After a physical, physicians at our urgent care facility will sign a Clearance Form, endorsing the athlete’s health and ability to participate and compete in the sport listed in the PPE form.

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Our medical professionals are available seven days a week to give patients sports physical examinations, without appointments or billing insurance.

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